Rod & Paula Alexander

Andra McConnell
October 11, 2017

I wanted to take a moment and extend our sincere appreciation for what you, Barbara Burger, have done for us.  It is said…. A great interior isn’t complete without the people who call it home!  That is exactly what you have accomplished for us…. an absolutely beautiful HOME, not just a stunning, extraordinary  house, but a warm, comfortable, and welcoming place where we can kick our shoes off and enjoy our family and friends!

When my husband and I first started the building process and our builder, Damon Christofilis, sent us to Barbara….my thoughts were….no, I do not need an interior designer, I can do this….and I probably won’t like anything she says anyway.   We had our first meeting and I guess you might say it was love at first sight!  I realized I did not have a clue as to what it took to have a well designed home! We knew instantly that Barbara would be the one to turn our house into a home!

See the photos…

Barb has been involved in every detail of our home from the outside in!  The ideas, great taste, and attention to detail turned a blank slab into a well-designed, functional space to live.  The choice of colors is extraordinary, capturing the feeling we wanted in each room.  The floor tiles and wood floor design are off the charts beautiful…..the sinks, tubs, and shower designs are outstanding…. our furniture, perfection…..window treatment, wow….wood color for each room, perfect!   I need to come up with a few more words….stunning, beautiful, perfect, wow….I think I am using them too oftenJ

When I say Barbara has been involved in everything….that is not an exaggeration!  We spent countless hours going over house plans, traveling to Dallas for furniture and materials, bedding, electrical plug placement, art placement……and many, many more details.  Barbara was right beside us on move in day, unpacking boxes and making sure that everything was to perfection.    She would not leave until every last detail was completed.

As we walk through our home now I say, “This is the most beautiful room in the house. I can’t believe I live here.”  Then I walk on and say, “No, this is the most beautiful room in the house.”  This goes on and on.  I have found that each room is my favorite and most beautiful room because each room is unique in itself…..Thanks to our Very Creative Designer!

As you can tell by now…..we love Barbara and have become very good friends.   In our opinion, Barbara sits up on a pedestal all by herself when it comes to design.  She is intelligent, caring, honest, and just plain fabulous…..We highly recommend her to all!  She has incredible talents!